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Toronto, October 2019

We returned to The Six for Anna's last week there. We returned just in time to attend the Fields Lecture by Sergey Levine on Embodied Learning as a Path to Intelligent Machines You can find a recording of the lecture in the Fields Institute's video archive.

Then we had to say goodbye to her desk (which she had borrowed from a colleague who preferred working from home, to the D.L. Pratt building (where the lab is) and to UofT's St. George campus.

Worst of all, we had to say goodbye to the grad students we shared the lab with, and to the two amazing KR professors: Fahiem Bacchus (who supervised and hosted us) and Sheila McIlraith (who made sure we were invited to social activities and lectures and generally helped us integrate in the group). We are taking away good memories of them all!

We went to the Prenup Pub across the street for one last game of Hanabi and a last round of beers and fries, for now... We hope to come back soon!